You have six letters to tell a story. Go.

If you’ve ever named a newborn, a puppy or even a plant*, you know the struggle is real. Add in overused naming trends, pronunciation issues and trademark availability, and you’ve got one of the hardest tasks in the branding world.

It’s a challenge we happily take on – from baby formulas to body wash, private investment firms to portfolios of tech services.

Naming is about playing with languages, ideas and sounds. Balancing personal tastes with strategic briefs and brand identities. And often, leaping out of showers, beds and supermarket queues to jot down the perfect name when inspiration strikes.

* Our office plant, Fern-est Hemingway, was maybe not our best work. But we stand by it.

What we do



We combine out-there ideas and a strategic approach to arrive at a set of viable names that tick all your boxes – creatively and practically.


Systems and guidelines

Strategic consultancy to help you organise all the names across your portfolio and set a system to help you name things consistently in the future.


Naming workshops

We can facilitate a one-off session to help you refine your brief and brainstorm ideas, or run a hundred workshops to train all your teams on how to use a new naming system.

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What we think

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