Dates and times

Dates and times

Format dates like this: 2 March 2019. If you’re using a range of dates, go for ‘2 to 3 March’ over ‘2–3 March’. It looks nicer.

Grouped years should be 2001–2002 (not 2001–02). And remember to use an en dash, not a hyphen.

Use the 12-hour clock with a full stop, not a colon. Also use figures and ‘am’ and ‘pm’ (without full stops) – 2.00pm. No space between the number and the letters.

Don’t say 0.5 days when talking about periods of time. Say half a day. Or, if you're writing a quote, it's ½ a day (and make sure Word turns it into a pretty fraction and doesn’t leave it as 1/2).

If you’re talking about a decade, don’t put an apostrophe in it (1960s).


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