Creative Review has just published the results of a reader poll on the best advertising slogans... ever.

This is the top ten.

1. Beanz Meanz Heinz – Heinz (1967)

2. Just Do It – Nike (1987)

3. Does Exactly What It Says On the Tin – Ronseal (1994)

4. Make Love Not War – Various (1960s)

5. Every Little Helps – Tesco (1993)

6. Have a Break. Have a Kit Kat. – Kit Kat (1957)

7. Vorsprung Durch Technik – Audi (1982)

8. Think Different – Apple (1997)

9. It Is. Are You? The Independent (1986)

10. It's Finger Lickin' Good – KFC (1950s)

So what's your favourite?


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on Jan 27, 2012

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