Sean Penn: good actor, bad writer

You might have heard Sean Penn chirping up about the Falkland Islands and Anglo-Argentine relations of late. If you haven’t, it’s been quite funny. The man’s clearly a buffoon.

And now he’s written an article in the Guardian about his views. It’s a good read, if you like unintelligible International Relations essays written by angry students who’ve drunk too much tea.

This is my favourite passage. (And not just because he spelt Argentinean wrong either.)

‘As my statement came to an end, I felt it appropriate to address my personal belief in the necessity for diplomacy to resolve a deeply held Argentinian conviction of ancestry and sovereignty that was being denied an international forum. Given that I was a guest in this country, whose own voice on an intractable UK position had been so nominally heard internationally, it seems to me that the fair respect from a gracious visitor was to comment.’

The rest is peppered with classic moments like that. Prepare to be confused.


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on Feb 24, 2012

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