Play on words take two

Today's 100 word play, or thereabouts, looks like this.

Based on a true story

Theo is driving. His wife, Olivia, is next to him and their daughter, Alice, is in the back seat.

Olivia checks the rear-view mirror.

Olivia: They’re following us.

Alice looks out the back window.

Alice: Who?

Olivia: The security police. But it’s okay, darling. Don’t worry.

Alice: They don’t look very happy.

Theo: Try giving them a little wave. It might cheer them up.

Alice waves out the back window.

Alice: Helloooo, Mr Security Policeman.

She turns back towards her parents.

Alice: They still don’t look happy. Are you sure we know them?

Olivia: Actually, we don’t know them at all. But they know us. They know all about us.


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on Mar 20, 2012

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