National Libraries Week: day #3 (children's day)

Name: Padders, age 5

Library: Farnham

Book: The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark, Jill Tomlinson

A little owl called Plop confronts his fear, the dark, in a series of encounters with night-lovers. They convince him it’s exciting, kind, fun, necessary, fascinating, wonderful and beautiful.

Plop’s cured. Consequently, I imagine him and his owl friends fluttering about in daylight, and become The Boy Who Is Slightly More Afraid Of Owls Than He Was Before.

Name: Alan (and Frida, aged three-and-a-bit)

Library: Shoreham-by-Sea

Book: Chameleon's Colours by Chisato Tashiro

You know that awkward moment when a three-year-old asks you to explain identity politics and mutability? Relax. This swivel-eyed charmer puts the fable in fabulous when his nifty brushwork sparks a revolutionary rumble in the jungle. Thankfully, great creating nature has the final, cathartic word.

Let wide eyes, wonder and joy abound.


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on Feb 01, 2012

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